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Sometimes you crave a little reminder of the food you miss to eat back from the Philippines
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Freshly cooked authentic Filipino street food will make you feel good.
Street foods on its class
We got all your favorite Filipino street foods

Piyesta Eskenita

unli rice

Please make reservation at least 3 hours in advance. Also available for take out.

About Ekenita Foods



To serve quality food and superb service with a clean store To make our customer feel at home and tastes like home To delight our customer by providing a good service and leave the store happy and satisfy To feel our customer a nostalgic effect


To be well known the best authentic Filipino street food in the GTA (greater Toronto area) above the rest.


We came up of the name “Eskenita Foods” because we were inspired of the simple life in the Philippines. How most people enjoy eating simple food that are being sold in the “street corners”.

Back in 2015, my wife and I attended a Filipino festival and we both noticed that there is not a single vendor that sells authentic Filipino street food, like “Isaw” and “Betamax”. Because of that, we saw a lot of potential to put a Filipino street food shop here in greater Toronto area. We also know that there is a strong Filipino community here. We even have a “little Manila” here in GTA. We were inspired by it  to cater to our own people.

Our main concept is to showcase Authentic Filipino street food that is cooked per order to maintain freshness. Our main goal is to cater to our Filipino community and make them “feel at home” and make them feel nostalgic when they eat our food. It is also our goal to showcase our street food to non-Filipinos here in Toronto and give them a little taste/experience of what it’s like to be in the streets of the Philippines. We want to serve everyone with authentic Filipino street food that “tastes like home”

Daily Special Menu




Filipino Style Hotdog

Beef Intestine – Beef Isaw

Chicken Gizzard – Balunbalunan

Chicken Feet – Adidas

Chicken Barbeque

Pork Blood – Betamax

Pork Skin

Pork Ears – Walkman

Pork Intestine – Isaw/Mag Wheels

Pork Barbeque

Eskenita Merchandise

Eskenita Keychain

Eskenita Keychain $8.00 each

Eskenita Flushies

Eskenita plushies $15.00 each

Eskenita Shirts

Eskenita printed black shirts. Available in different sizes.

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(905) 886-2402

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